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Respect Fitness Personal Training will offer various fitness related training and services to clients enabling them to enhance their development. These services are:

Although reviewed as part of the Health and Fitness assessment corrective action exercises would be devised to help an individual client to remedy any problem areas. Flexibility training would be identified as part of any programme of exercises and instructed by the Personal Trainer to develop increased flexibility and to assist with postural alignment of a client.

Programme Management is a 12 week written progressive programme of exercises for a client. The programme would be individually designed for a client, taking their goals into consideration and would include cardiovascular fitness, resistance training and flexibility exercises. No one-to-one training is delivered by the Personal Trainer but any questions a client has would be addressed through our members’ area. The 12 week written programme would be provided to the client within 2 weeks after the initial consultation taking place.

Training with friends can be accommodated on a Personal Training basis for groups of 2 or 3 people (larger groups by negotiation). This means the benefit of having a Personal Trainer for a 1 hour session but shared with the group. Each client would have their own programme devised for them but the group would exercise together. Alternatively outdoor training sessions/circuits for groups can be set with a minimum of 7 people for an hour workout. This would be a group session with no personalised training plans provided.

Team Building events can be provided at a business work place, at our dedicated facility or in the outdoor environment for employees to foster the team ethos with no better way than exercising in groups and working together to achieve a more active lifestyle. A fit mind is a healthy and more productive mind therefore a great investment for any business.

Personal Training Weight Management service is more commonly known as Weight Lose (reduction in body mass – body fat) and Weight Gain (increase in body mass – lean muscle). To enable either weight management an individual programme of exercise would be devised to suit a client’s needs and would involve cardiovascular fitness, resistance training (either using free weights or body weight exercises as well as flexibility training). Each session would be 1 hour one-to-one training where the client would be instructed in the correct exercise execution and encouraged/motivated to achieve maximum benefit from the training. As training continues the exercises would be adapted to achieve controlled improvement to the client’s cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance.

Sports Conditioning involves devising a 12 week written programme of exercises which are specific to a sporting goal. The sport in question would be reviewed to identify the body movements involved and then exercises to work those muscle groups recommended that would simulate actual movements carried out in that sport. Although overall body conditioning should be the key deliverable, if the sport is a throwing event such as javelin, the emphasis on the explosive nature of the body and the muscle groups required to deliver the throw would be included. Progression of the programme over the 12 week period would be taking into account to enable the client to maximise development and achieve their goals. No one-to-one training is delivered by the Personal Trainer but any questions a client has would be addressed through our members’ area. The 12 week written programme would be provided to the client within 2 weeks after the initial consultation taking place.

Prior to anybody starting on a course of exercise and fitness related activities it is very important to have a health and fitness assessment conducted to ensure two key areas have been addressed, 1 there is no underlying health issues that would prevent somebody from participating in exercise and 2 what level of fitness regime somebody should start at. Most people will benefit from a healthier lifestyle and therefore, the Health and Fitness Tests we would conduct at Respect Fitness Personal Training would clarify people state of health and allow the client and us to identify realistic and achievable goals that an exercise programme should be based on. However, sometimes the tests may identify some underlying health issues that would mean a referral to their GP would be requested prior to any exercise activity being started.

A client would be requested to supply 5 day’s worth of food diaries identifying their nutritional intake for each day. An analysis of this would be undertaken breaking down the foods into food types according to the Governments Eatwell Plate and into quantities of carbohydrates, proteins and fats consumed. Taking the clients individual circumstances into consideration their calorie requirements would be worked out broken down into carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as portion amount of food types. This would then be matched against the analysis of the food diary identifying if a client was under eating/over eating, what they portion and food type ratios were and recommendations to help improve their food plan. Nutritional analysis would be completed and provided to the client within 2 weeks of the supply of the completed food diaries.